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                • 型   號::BWS
                • 類   別:高光過熱水模溫控制機


                BWS high-gloss steam mold temperature controller
                High-gloss steam mold temperature controller unit introduction
                高光蒸汽模溫控制機是采用高光蒸汽,當注塑機合模后吹入高光蒸汽,首先打模具溫度提高到一個設定值,然后開始給模腔注射塑膠,在注塑機完成保壓轉入冷卻后,開始注入冷卻水,模具溫度很快下降到一個設定值后開模,再向模具吹入空氣把冷卻水完全吹走,完成整個注塑過程。奧德最新開發的高光蒸汽模溫控制機,整機備有高光蒸汽模溫控制機和冷水增壓系統,并增加了熱水和冷卻水回收系統,節能效果顯著 ,利潤也相當可觀,這是奧德高光過熱水模溫控制機的優勢所在。
                High-gloss steam mold temperature control unit provide high-temperature steam, when clamping the mold, the high temperature steam is injected into the injection, the mold temperature is increase to a set temperature value, then inject the plastic into the injection cavity. Inject cooling water or chilled water rapidly after the completion of the injection molding machine holding pressure, so that the mold can open after the mold temperature comes down to a set value within a short period of time, blow air into the mold to blow away the remnants cold water, completing a injection process cycle control, through such rapid hot and cold plastic molding can completely solve the appearance of defects of the plastic parts, improve production efficiency.

                Application of high-gloss steam mold temperature controller
                At present, it enjoys extensive application prospects in industries like household electrical appliances, automobiles, communications, articles for daily use, and medical instruments. Particularly, it is widely applied to LCD TV sets, computer LCDs, notebook PCs, mobile phones, air-conditioners, auto LCD, automobile internal ornaments, car lamps, optics, OA and AV instruments, etc.

                Background of high-gloss aided molding controller
                With the higher and higher requirements of people for electric appliances and electronics, their  requirements for the appearance of relevant plastic shells are stricter and stricter. Generally speaking, the method to make up the surface defects of plastic products is follow-up spraying, which will make products less environment friendly.

                Advantages of high-gloss aided molding controller
                Remove the welding wires and welding traces on product surfaces.
                Improve the fluidity and filling effect of plastics.
                Enhance the product surface as smooth as a mirror.
                Leave out the follow-up surface spraying processing and treatment of products.
                Solve the float problem of woven products.